EcoDairy, Abbotsford, B.C

EcoDairy, Abbotsford: A Sustainable Agricultural Experience

Nestled in the heart of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia, EcoDairy is not your typical dairy farm. It’s a revolutionary agricultural attraction that offers visitors a hands-on experience in sustainable farming practices, animal care, and environmental stewardship. With a mission to educate, inspire, and engage, EcoDairy has become a destination for families, school groups, and anyone curious about the future of farming and food production.

The EcoDairy Story

EcoDairy’s story begins with Science World British Columbia, a renowned science center in Vancouver. In 2010, Science World partnered with the Agriculture Centre of Excellence to create an innovative agricultural showcase. The result was EcoDairy, which opened its doors in 2011. Located on the Bakerview EcoDairy farm, this initiative was designed to bridge the gap between the public and the agricultural sector, offering a unique opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices.

Agriculture Centre of Excellence

EcoDairy is a part of the Agriculture Centre of Excellence, a collaborative initiative involving the University of the Fraser Valley, Science World British Columbia, and the investment of various partners. This synergy brings together the academic world, scientific community, and agricultural industry, working together to promote sustainability in agriculture.

A Sustainable Farming Experience

What sets EcoDairy apart is its commitment to sustainability. The farm showcases various environmentally friendly practices and technologies that promote resource conservation and reduce the ecological footprint of modern farming. Visitors can explore these practices, from energy-efficient barns to waste reduction and water recycling systems.

Hands-On Learning

EcoDairy’s immersive and interactive exhibits make learning about agriculture a fun experience. Visitors of all ages can engage with farm animals, learn about the milking process, and discover how technology and innovation are transforming the farming industry. EcoDairy’s resident cows, goats, and chickens are friendly and welcoming, providing the opportunity for up-close encounters.

Milking Parlor Demonstrations

One of the highlights of a visit to EcoDairy is the milking parlor demonstrations. Visitors can witness the milking process and learn about the journey of milk from the cow to the table. This educational experience highlights the importance of animal welfare, cleanliness, and efficiency in dairy production.

Innovative Farm Practices

EcoDairy’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the farm. The facility employs technologies like anaerobic digestion to convert waste into energy and nutrient-rich soil amendments. Visitors can learn about composting, crop rotation, and the use of recycled materials in farm construction, all aimed at minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Education and Workshops

EcoDairy offers educational programs for school groups, introducing students to the world of agriculture and sustainability. Workshops cover various topics, including soil health, sustainable farming, and food systems. These initiatives promote agricultural literacy and encourage a new generation of environmentally conscious farmers.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

EcoDairy embraces the farm-to-table philosophy, emphasizing the importance of local, sustainable food production. Visitors can explore the connection between what’s on their plates and the practices that make it possible. The farm’s cafe offers a menu featuring local and sustainable products, allowing guests to taste the fruits of EcoDairy’s labor.

EcoDairy’s Impact

EcoDairy is more than just a tourist attraction. It plays a vital role in raising awareness about sustainable agriculture and the environmental challenges facing the industry. By demonstrating best practices, EcoDairy contributes to the education of farmers, students, and the general public, encouraging everyone to be more conscious consumers.


EcoDairy in Abbotsford, British Columbia, is a shining example of sustainable agriculture in action. With a focus on education, innovation, and hands-on experiences, it’s a destination that offers visitors a deeper understanding of the connections between the food they eat, the environment, and the future of farming. EcoDairy stands as a testament to the possibilities of a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for agriculture.

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