Willow View Farms, Abbotsford, B.C

Willow View Farms, located in the heart of Abbotsford, British Columbia, is a family-owned and operated fruit farm that has been a cherished destination for residents and visitors for over 60 years. This bucolic orchard is known for its rich history, picturesque surroundings, and the exceptional variety of fruits it offers, creating an authentic farm experience for all who visit.

Agricultural Heritage:

Willow View Farms has deep roots in the agricultural history of Abbotsford. The Tuytel family, who have owned and operated the farm since the 1950s, are dedicated to preserving the region’s farming heritage. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture, local food production, and community engagement is evident in every aspect of the farm.

Fruit Variety:

The farm is renowned for its diverse fruit offerings, making it a year-round attraction for visitors. Depending on the season, you can pick your own fruit, purchase freshly picked produce, and enjoy a range of fruit-based products. Some of the fruits cultivated at Willow View Farms include:

1. Apples: The farm offers a broad selection of apple varieties, from the sweet and crunchy Honeycrisp to the classic Granny Smith. Visitors can pick their own apples during the season.

2. Cherries: Cherry lovers can savor the delicious taste of locally grown cherries, celebrated for their freshness and flavor.

3. Blueberries: The farm’s blueberry fields are a haven for those who enjoy this antioxidant-rich superfruit. You can pick your own or buy freshly picked blueberries.

4. Pears: Willow View Farms is known for its mouthwatering pears, a delightful treat that’s available when in season.

5. Plums: Plums of different types and flavors are grown at the farm, offering a taste of summer throughout the year.

Pumpkins: During the fall season, the farm transforms into a pumpkin patch, offering a wide selection of pumpkins for carving, decorating, and culinary use.

Farm Market and Products:

The on-site farm market is a treasure trove of fresh produce and farm-made products. In addition to fruits, you can find local honey, preserves, jams, and homemade pies, allowing you to take a piece of the farm home with you. The market is a celebration of local food and artisanal goods.

Educational Opportunities:

Willow View Farms is committed to educating the community about sustainable farming practices and the importance of locally sourced produce. The farm offers educational tours for schools and groups, providing insights into the farming process and the role of agriculture in our lives.

Seasonal Events:

The farm hosts various events throughout the year, celebrating the changing seasons and the bounty of each harvest. From spring blossom festivals to fall pumpkin celebrations, these events bring the community together in a festive and engaging atmosphere.

COVID-19 Considerations:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Willow View Farms has implemented safety measures to protect visitors. These include enhanced cleaning protocols, physical distancing guidelines, and mask-wearing requirements where necessary. Visitors are encouraged to check the farm’s website for the latest information on COVID-19 precautions and guidelines.

Community Engagement:

Willow View Farms is not just a place of commerce but a cornerstone of the local community. The farm engages in various community initiatives and supports local organizations and charities. Its commitment to sustainability and community involvement underscores its role as more than just a farm; it’s a place where people come together.


Willow View Farms in Abbotsford, B.C., is not just a farm; it’s a cherished institution with a legacy of agriculture, sustainability, and community engagement. It provides a genuine farm experience that is both educational and enjoyable, allowing visitors to connect with the land, the seasons, and the rich history of the region. Whether you’re picking apples, strolling through blossoms, or participating in seasonal festivities, Willow View Farms captures the essence of a working farm, bringing the beauty and bounty of the Fraser Valley to life. It’s a place where tradition and progress meet, where families and friends come together, and where the love for locally sourced, farm-fresh produce is celebrated year-round. Willow View Farms is not just a destination; it’s an experience that embodies the spirit of Abbotsford.

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