Harder Power Company donates 3% of each job to those without power


Give Light - Harder Power Company Ltd.

Business As Mission

In January of 2020, our owner, Josiah and his wife, Annie had the pleasure of partnering with Send International to bring solar power to 400+ individuals. The project took place in a rural village high in the mountains of Northern Thailand. After completing the Solar Project and starting Harder Power Company, Josiah and Annie wanted to give others living without electricity the gift of light. As a result, Harder Power Company is committed to donating 3% of the Company’s revenue to those without electricity. This will enable others to have light after dark, charge cell phones and keep food or vaccines cold in a refrigerator. If you hire the Harder Power Team, you will be giving the gift of light to those who need it most.

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Our Partner SonLight Power

After completing the successful solar project in Northern Thailand in 2020, our hearts were moved for other people living without electricity around the world. Our team realised we couldn’t run a successful contracting company and start a new solar nonprofit in the same year. We believe there must be an organisation that aligns with our values doing this important work already. As a result, the Harder Power Team began meeting with leaders in the solar nonprofit space to discuss a partnership. Out of all the organisations we researched and met with, SonLight Power was the perfect fit!

With over 250 completed projects in 19 countries and 600,000 watts of power installed since the company’s inception, SonLight Power was the perfect organisation to collaborate with and we are excited to see how this partnership blossoms over the coming years.